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Bottom out
by Typhoid Mary on Feb 11, 2009 11:20 AM

This is quintessence of decadence. It is heartily sick of observing a passal of "so-called lettered" janes of India falling victim to hedonism together with playing the giddy goat by getting played into the hands of a bunch of Pied pipers of the ilk of Renuka/sonia/Nisha Susan...India has to cover a country mile if she is serious enoungh to make her presence felt in the international arena. So, it is the bounden duty of all the RATIONAL-MINDED indians to buck up their minds in executiing first things first.All these pub/disco and all such farce have no future in india and do not qualify as conversation piece. Nisha would deserve kudos had she chewed even for a nanosecond over the idea of bringing about a sea change in the lives of those women who sit at the bottom of the heap and have a feeling that society has failed them. Women of nisha's ilk live a life in the ivory tower and totally insouciant about the tribulations of the ordinary women. They always engage in playing to the gallery and all these hoopla are nothing but one more joust to turn heads.Nisha and other joiners cudgel your brain that not even before a decade these VALENTINESAND SUCH BLAH..BLAH BLAH....were not part and parcel of our lives. We simply got swayed by some merchant princes who for their kitty's sake made us to rise to their bait. The best answer to this kind of grotesque megrim is to ignore them.Nisha may get some headless chickens in her foolish movement but mass shall steer clear of it.

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