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Re: Janardan Swami and Chitraguda.
by kafir chronicles on Apr 17, 2009 05:32 AM

Problem with India is, if you try to do something for the betterment of the underprivileged, you will always face opposition from some vested interest who will do his/her best to throw the spanner into your work. I know a rickshaw puller in a VERY remote village of Orissa planted 500 mango trees and it changed the fortunes of that tiny hamlet. He was given an award by the government. The power to bring CHANGE has to come from within. The final call is OURS. Politicians can only do this much with the limited resources. The problem with us Indians is we always blame the politicians and escape the buck. We talk about pathetic traffic, when half the road is occupied by unauthorized parking. You cannot walk on the footpath because people park their two wheelers or shopkeepers dump half their wares on the sidewalk. We litter garbage and blame the politicians for filthy neighborhoods. We make the country. They form the government. We have to work together to take this country ahead. The responsibility of India's development is as much as the people as it is of the ruling government. Political parties have to come together. Congress really has to shed its dynastic and divisive politics and do something for the betterment of this country. Someone needs to finish off UP style politics in India if this country has to progress.

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