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Ramesh PK
GOAT of Tennis
by Ramesh PK on May 09, 2020 05:07 PM

Well it is extremely difficult to decide who is the GOAT.
Federer dominated it like no one before RAFA started winning. Rafa was considered better than federer till Djoko came into picture. One thing for sure is, Rafa number of GS titles is mostly due to clay while Rogers is due to Grass..while Djoko's is more distributed..Many had wondered couple of years back that both RAFA & Djoko's careers were finished due to injury. However, both of them have bounced back and it is matter of time before one of them calls it a day along with Roger.
Popularity wise, I think Federer has a great edge over other 2. No one will be playing as long as Roger has done and been there in top 3. Career slam wise, he may be pushed to no. 3 spot very soon; but as for as tennis goes he may be the GOAT

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