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VK Aggarwal
Doping testsThere appears
by VK Aggarwal on Jun 10, 2020 10:23 AM

There appears a wrong system of doping test for interior motives of some officials & some participants. Suspension is extremely wrong without final adverse results. There are some supplements in the market which make the players unfit. these products shouldn't be lowed in the market as players are not experts of doping products. Even then they be not suspended without final results beyond doubt. If doubts about doping arise, they be kept under strict watch instead of suspension unless further taking same substances for strength or energy.
More over officials & other beneficiaries involved in such wrong decisions must be punished heavily & suspended for life from duties whatsoever in all cases to set example for wrong doing in supports which have a very short duration. No chances be taken in this department even in slightest of wrong involved.

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