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by (null) on Apr 08, 2020 03:23 PM


NOW RESERVATIONS ARE MIN 60% AND ALREADY BREACHED SHAMEFUL LEVEL OF 80% IN SOME STATES. JatMaadharChodhs (JMCs), YadavMaadharChodhs (YMCs), GujjarMaadharChodhs (GMCs), PatidarMaadharChodhs (PMCs), MarathaMaadharChodhs (MMCs), etc are not real OBCs, but real criminals. They claim equality with Kshatriyas or Vyshyas, hence have surnames Singh, Chaudhary, etc. Most of rapists, robbers, murderers, etc come from these communities.

JatMaadharChodhs (JMCs) destroyed Rs 25000 cr property agitating for inclusion under OBCs in 2016. Now, the prosperous PatidarMaadharChodhs (PMCs) want reservns under OBC.

These criminals, posing as 'Champions of OBCs Cause', using reservns, are getting seats in IITs, IIMs, univs, etc, becoming IAS, Class 1 & other gov officials, ministers, CMs, etc. It is high-end OBCs who torture SCs / STs.

Now, most opportunities for EWS gen category poor will be grabbed by High-end GenCategoryMaadharChodhs in Rs 6-8 lakh income category, not the poor among gen category.

Paying high salaries to GovtMaadharChodhs (GMCs / Gov employees) another reason for incr in demand for resrvns.

Remove the criminals like JMCs, YMCs, GMCs, PMCs, MMCs, etc and the wealthy like Modis, Jaiswals, Kapus, etc from OBC list. Give reservns only to the Most Backwards Classes (MBCs). Remove better off SCs / STs & limit quotas: SC, ST 15%, 5%, MBCs 15%, FCs BPL 5% & leave 60% for pure merit irrespective of income

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Cut Pay to GovtMaadharChodhs (GMCs), Divert Money for CoronaCare
by (null) on Apr 08, 2020 03:18 PM

Cut Pay to GovtMaadharChodhs (GMCs), Divert Money for CoronaCare

Nowadays many GovtMaadharChodhs (aka GMCs or 80% Gov employees) get pensions over 30K / pm, a class IV gov employee gets salary Rs 35K / pm, gov teacher 50k, lecturer Rs 1.5 lak, professor Rs 2 lak, MLAs & MPs 2 lak, besides heavy perks, corruption opportunities, etc.

I appreciate Modi's initiatives in collecting GST, Income Tax, etc but what use if most of this money is paid as fat salaries to 3% GMCs, of whom 80% are good-for-nothing laggards?

In pvt sector, only top 1% could be corrupt but 99% employees have to work hard. In govt 80% are corrupt and / or laggard fellows.

GMC laggards who eat up 10% GDP / yr, seldom work, but work very hard when there is scope for corruption. GMCs spend 80% time eating paan & spitting on walls, talking SexPoliticsAndNonsense, playing cards for 2 hrs when lunch time is 1/2 hr, etc.

GMCs thru strong unions often threaten nationwide strikes if their exorbitant demands are not met.

Pay good salaries only to defense personnel (on active assignments); reduce pay of GMCs to market-avg levels--stop salary revisions. Divert money thus saved to improve primary education, English skills, healthcare and birth control among poor, SC, ST, MBCs, etc and to support poor farmers driven to suicide. HIGH SALARIES TO GMCs KILLS PATRIOTIC SPIRIT OF NON-GOVT HARDWORKING CITIZENS.

(Instead of Rs 1Lac /PM to a GMC, better pay 10k-to-10 pvt sctr hard-workers)

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