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Brazil-England U-17 World Cup SF moved from Guwahati to Kolkata

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soumyen sarkar
Disappointment for Guwahati
by soumyen sarkar on Oct 23, 2017 08:58 PM

I feel for the football lovers of the city of Guwahati and also envy the great luck of the people of Kolkata. An England - Brazil ties is a great entertainer. All time great side Vs a very spirited powerful leading side, it is going to be a blinder of a match.

If the tournament was held a month later, probably everything could be much better, starting from finer weather and much better field conditions. The monsoon has not yet said good bye 2017, in this part of the country yet.

Coming on to the great luck seeing the Brazil side, twice ( or even thrice if they reach finals) is something of a most coveted thing in a football lover's life. Add to that, the privilege of seeing teams like England, Germany and probably Spain also. The cup is full for Kolkata.

I understand the disappointment of the Guwahati people. But I feel, the local association could do lot better by arranging for over all cover of the ground immediately after Ghana - Mali match. If in cricket, they can cover the whole of the playing area, why not football. A super-sopper could be be great.

The biggest disadvantage is that Guwahati unnecessarily earned a black spot in FIFA book. It is also learnt the Secretary of the Local Association was in verbal fight with FIFA boss in charge of arrangement. It indicates, lack of maturity. It is FIFA, you cannot get away contacting people in the corridors of power in Guawaati / Delhi. Match is still more than 48 hours away. AFA could do lot better.

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