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Vishy Anand on Kasparov's surprise return to chess...

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Informative For Chess Enthusiasts.....Anand Is An Accomplished
by rishi on Jul 22, 2017 11:46 AM

.....player and must be encouraged now to spend time in building future chess greats looking for world standard expert guidance which Anand is fully capable of imparting. Modi-Led-NDA Govt. is known for encouraging sports andd games for physical and mental fitness.....and India is the birthplace of this game ....let Anand be given full financial and infrastructural support to float chess academies all over the nation with his planned and structured visits to each one of those to identify and build the competent and promising ones from amongst the enthusiasts in these academies. Responsible media, like Rediff here, must continue to give due coverage to the game and play their role in popularising this game which builds intellectual prowess of young people, apart from instilling patience which is an important and necessary trait today in every person's fast life to help make judicious and effective decisions in all aspects of life.

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