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India at World C'ships: Nirmala finishes among the bottom in 400m semis

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Jugal Ahuja
Why valuable foreign exchange is being wasted
by Jugal Ahuja on Aug 08, 2017 12:51 PM  | Hide replies

Indian athletes hardly win medals in the Asian or Commonwealth games,where the competition is much easier than the Summer Olympics or IAAF World Championships. India's strong points are wrestling, shooting,boxing, and badminton, unfortunately these do not find a place in the IAAF World Championships. Therefore,knowing very well that our athletes would be eliminated in the qualifying stages, we unnecessarily have wasted our precious foreign exchange. The fact is that by sending the athletes, the respectives officials and sports minister go on a foreign jaunt on tax payers money. The current sports minister was lampooned in the 2016 Rio Olympics when his side kicks were disallowed to enter the venues.

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Re: Why valuable foreign exchange is being wasted
by Venkatachalam on Aug 08, 2017 12:59 PM
IAAF is primarily athletic championship and hence no place for other sports mentioned by you. The fact remains we are nowhere near the levels in world championships and do well only in Asian or Commonwealth games. Even if our participants do not win medals their participation is most important and our media must cover the games extensively to generate popularity for athletics.

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