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India's Davis Cup suspense is terrible...

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Tuhin Ganguly
Salute to Leander
by Tuhin Ganguly on Apr 06, 2017 04:03 PM

Leander is a living legend and still willing to play for the country under captainship of Bhupati who always try to defame & insult . One more opportuinity Mahesh has got now , he will sure utilise it by not giving chance to Leander. Failed to understand how this crook selected as a captain ?

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ashji ashji
Ego issues
by ashji ashji on Apr 06, 2017 01:02 PM

These bu...rs have their egos bigger than nation's pride. Their infight costed minimum one medal in Rios. They are quite ordinary players as per singles standards and fit for doubles only. Pathetic state of tennis federation has caused the dearth of newcomers and these guys have benefitted by continuing as the tennis heroes of the country. They must learn a lesson from Pulela Gopichand and take the responsibilty for raising the new crop of quality players.

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