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by Michael on Oct 19, 2016 06:12 PM

While judging players like DJokovic, Murray, and Nadal we must remember that they were not lucky to have poor competition in their peak years. Rather they were up against real tough competition. So they could not rack up useless records like weeks at no.1 , etc.Murray is such a good talent still he only has 3 slam titles. Some players were lucky to play easy meat like Roderick, Hewitt, Nalbandian, Rios etc in their peak and therefore got a lot of free titles and ranking point.

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Murray wins Shanghai masters
by Michael on Oct 16, 2016 05:45 PM

Murray's game has improved and he is likely to get to No.1 ranking, if he continues with his good form... It high time Djoko is dethroned, who has no proper rival, except Murray. Fede is 35, and should make a comeback next year only. Looks like Murray will spoil Djoko's party of breaking Fede's record of 302 weeks as No.1

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