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bommaraju ramarao
congrats Murray
by bommaraju ramarao on Jul 11, 2016 08:43 PM

t is surprising that not a single comment was posted for the news of Murray making it to Wimbledon the second time. It is a life time achievement for any any Tennis Sportsman to win Wimbledon. Had it been Federer atleast 100 posts of admiration would have been posted. Nadal would have had atleast 50 posts and Djokivik atleast 2 posts. Why is it that later two do not invoke any response.. I do not think it fair. Murray made it to 10 GS finals before, only to face either Fedex or Djoko.. He should have worked immensely hard just to be around. He deserves due applause for his achievement. Congratulations MURRAY. KEEP GOING..

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