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Steel-plated Djokovic a step too far for Federer

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sailas g
Feded era was almost over
by sailas g on Jul 13, 2015 12:12 PM

Probability of another grandslam is 0.01% for federer . He sets record for number of grandslams and now he should focus on setting record for runnerups in grandslams.He is playing at 75% of his previous game. He has the game to reach semis of grand slams , but going beyond that level is purely depends on how other guys are playing .

Power in his forehand shots is not there , which one time used to be like a bullet shot with an outstanding accuracy & control & power. His backhand continues to be his weak link in his game with declining accuracy,which opponents withdouble backhanders are exploiting.. His serve, which used to be a weapon once upon a time was not so reliable or dependable nowadays and slowly becoming like a weak point. He was the guy , who can fire an ace on his second serve -topspin serve. He may not has the speedest serve like Andy Roddick, but accurate & controlled serve.That was the fedex serve !!not anymore.
Though court coverage was never his strength like nadal, but age has caught up with him and he is slow in moving across the court.

He is still a great competitor, but not a champion player ( like earlier as he used to be ) in these slams anymore . He should enjoy playing now (rather than winning like earlier) as still he can show the world glimpses of his artistic shots.

With his style of playing , which is not so much physical like 99.9% other players does(speed/power) ,rather relying more on accuracy & control, he can still play f

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