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Davis Cup: Nadal, Djokovic, Murray on national duty

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Important public message !!!
by x on Sep 14, 2013 05:52 PM  | Hide replies

The person Anuraug Rathore is a rabid Nadal fan, who restores to abusing of others in these boards.

To push his case he creates numerous fake ids and tries to be funny.

Sincere request to all fellow bloggers to kindly report his messages which are 99% abusive.

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Anuraug Rathor
Re: Important public message !!!
by Anuraug Rathor on Sep 16, 2013 11:15 AM
So says X,a mangy Federer tard for many years,also better known as vasantiben/triplicate Anurag/tejas/hussain mithani.The king of clones and abuses has the nerve to complain about others.
I think it is time to teach him a lesson.X,all your messages will be reported henceforth.Watch out.

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