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F1: Vettel on pole at India Grand Prix

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Rahul Kumar
Vettel Vettel Vettel Vettel
by Rahul Kumar on Oct 26, 2013 10:14 PM

One more race and one more time vettel will start from pole and get the chequered flag. Its sooooooo boring. I cant understand how come the automobile companies are clueless about red bull's speed and the companies in fray are like ferrari, mclaren, merc. and still they are unable to challenge red bull. We the fans of F1 needs rivalry between two or three drivers and close finishes like in 2008 when hamilton becomes world champion in last race of the season. And this year all are fighting for 2nd position............. please guys no one is interested in 2nd position and seeing vettel winning the race from pole position is just boring (with all due respect to Vettel and his achievement).

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