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Aditya Mehta edges past Maguire to enter final of Indian Open snooker

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aditya mehta...
by dineshhassija on Oct 19, 2013 12:11 PM

there is one winner in any game and few winners might not have been deserving winner... many times in any particular day,one is able to perform better and win..

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Jugal Ahuja
Rather unfortunate
by Jugal Ahuja on Oct 19, 2013 08:23 AM

We all would have liked to see Mehta winning on home soil,but it was not to be,as he just was not given the oppurtunity to do so. We do not mind being beaten by Britishers,Australians,Canadians in any event as we consider them to be superior to us, but being beaten by Chinese & that too in a game(snooker) which they have started playing hardly 10 years ago, is too much to digest. By the way I am not able to know what happened to Saina Nehwal, the defending Denmark open champion, in her QF bout? Could anyone enlighten me, I have great fears that she has crashed out,otherwise headlines " Saina storms into SF" would have greeted us.

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