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Golden era inspires playful Djokovic to get serious

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Golden era
by Guest on Jun 24, 2013 03:14 PM  | Hide replies

Djokovic had been in the shadow of Nadal and Federer for a long time. There is a feeling he still hasn't got the lime light which he deserves though he is the number 1 ranked player. If Djokovic had won this year's French open after beating Nadal, things would have been different. This Wimbledon is the right chance for him to stamp his class. He cant get a easier draw. Hoping Djokovic to win the wimbledon 2013.

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Anuraug Rathor
Re: Golden era
by Anuraug Rathor on Jun 24, 2013 04:00 PM
he will surely reach the finals. LuckyASS like last AO 2013 will be waiting for a tired finalist from the other draw. Luckiest chance ever to win 2nd Wimbeldon.

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