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Photos: FIFA World Cup mascots of the decade

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French Cuisine
Brazil on the rise
by French Cuisine on Oct 31, 2012 01:54 PM

It will be interesting to see how they do handling both the FIFA WC and then the Olympics. The Greek economic disaster came around after the Athens Olympics - they could not handle the money. In India the CWG debacle led to the loss of hundreds of billions of dollars through the pockets of crooked officials - much like the Greeks who are expert money handlers like us. THe Indian economy faltered after seeing this and larger scams, but unlike Greece it did not collapse totally. The reason being relative economic isolation from rest of the world - whereas the Greeks could not steady themselves in face of being a part of weakening Euro. How much about Greek corruption has been written ?
The Brazilians are going to host two major international events, which will see the flow of huge amounts of money - and similar to the third world economies of the world like us, Brazilians are prone to crony capitalism and extraordinary corruption. Let us see how Brazil manages these games - hope they have learnt something by looking at us and they will put safeguards in order to prevent the misuse of money. Nothing much emerged from the London games which can indicate that the money went into London economy instead of being stolen. I believe Brazilian economy is stronger than us , and I will follow with eager interest. If they can handle the money properly it will be a lesson for us.

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