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British cop tells FI it's safe to race in Bahrain

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Peace Lover
Shame on the F1 organizers
by Peace Lover on Apr 16, 2012 06:41 PM

It is shameful for the entire humanity that a Brutal regime is organizing F1... while 90% of the original citizens of that Nation are taken hostage by the illegal outsiders. People are forced to live in villages and thousands of tanks, helicopters and hired criminals are shooting innocent people. The people of Bahrain want democracy and freedom from the brutal Khalifa. The F1 in Bahrain is like organizing F1 during the Holocaust for Hitler's regime.
Watch a documentary film by Al Jazeera "Shouting in the Dark" to know the actual situation in Bahrain. The US is supporting these dictators to keep its 5th fleet in Bahrain at the cost of thousands of innocent lives... Shame on the puppets... shame on the F1 organizers... shame on the US and the UN for suppressing freedom and democracy for their greed.

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