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Angry Birds to swoop on Formula One track

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Amit Arora
First India Formula 1 circuit in Grated Noida U.P
by Amit Arora on Sep 23, 2011 10:42 AM

The new circuit is 5141m long (5088m following the racing line), with 16 corners, 14 metres of elevation change (it looks more than it sounds), and a 693-metre back straight where top speeds of 320km/h will be hit, for a predicted Formula One lap time of 1m 27s, making it one of the faster circuits. It’s designed as a dual-use track that will host MotoGP races as well as F1, so its precise spec (details of kerbing, run-off areas, safety barriers etc) have to be fitted to both purposes. The looping Turn 10, for example, will have two distinct profiles: a tighter inner line for the bike racers and a wider, faster, higher and longer outer curve for F1.

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