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22 more CWG works under CVC scanner

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mohan das
Investigation by CVC On CWG irregularities.
by mohan das on Oct 21, 2010 11:44 AM

Even though there is a host of irregularities in the preparation for the games, procurement of items for the games,the present investigations by CVC and CAG are all nothing but a smokescreen. The Govt. has asked the CAG to loook into the CWG fgraud, but looking at the fate of similar audits in the past, the investigation is likely to throw up a few scapegoats and end there. The report cannot touch the real offenders in its right perspective as the root cause of the same is a Bureaucrats _ Ministers tie up in the whole episode. Since no one is ever punished for such fraud, there seems to be no deterent for future offenders and efforts to recover this national loot continue to be futile.

The Govt. is likely to spend some more money in order to conduct the investigation, without any fruitful result, which will also be incurred from the taxpayers money.

Mohandas, Dhanbad

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Bob Marley
by Bob Marley on Oct 18, 2010 08:13 AM

officials want a share of the loot and that is the only reason for this exercise.

They will take months/years to investigate, make money and by then everyone will forget about the games.

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