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CAG audit of CWG Village to begin from Oct 28

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India Will Burn
by brahmarakshas on Oct 18, 2010 10:45 AM

Beware ,India will burn if someone as much as touches a single strand of hair on dear old Kalmadi's head.

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kalyan krishnan
CAG audit of CWG Village to begin from Oct 28
by kalyan krishnan on Oct 18, 2010 07:37 AM

This will be another eye-wash. Kalmadi is only the frontman. We Indians know who the real beneficiaries are and they are so powerful that nothing will come out of this CAG audit or CVC probe.

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sunil dandawate
CWG Audit- Good - More is required.
by sunil dandawate on Oct 18, 2010 07:16 AM

There was huge corruption. The final out come is due to hard work of dedicated people like labourers, supervisors and lower staff. In addition to Audit, Assets of the concerned officials should also be checked.

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Sheetal Kaur
CAG audit of CWG Village to begin from Oct 28
by Sheetal Kaur on Oct 18, 2010 02:01 AM

And the results of the outcome will be announced in October 2035.

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Hirendra Chatterjee
Corruption in CWG
by Hirendra Chatterjee on Oct 18, 2010 01:19 AM

People have always associated the trio of Kalmadi, Gill and Shiela Dixit with the CWG. Under the circumstances, it was quite unladylike of the CM to attack Kalmadi to try and prove her non-involvement. She even took credit for cleaning up the mess entirely on her own, ignoring the hundreds of safai karmacharis from MCD, NDMC etc. Is Kalmadi resposible for the collapse of the foot overbridge? Most of the corruption was indulged in by the state and central government agencies in awarding contracts to builders who made a killing. Eventually it will be estabished that the state and central governments are responsible for most lapses. If the Delhi CM thinks she can hoodwink the people of the country by making false claims and indulging in blatant lies, she is mistaken. She seems to have been emboldened by an interview on a leading news channel taken by a start broadcaster in which she was wrongly proclaimed as the sole savior of the games.

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