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HI gets Inquiry panel probing sex scam

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How come parents not accompanying female players of india
by SURYAPRAKASH TATA on Jul 24, 2010 10:48 AM

Keeping our culture in mind how come parents were not accompanying the girls in all female teams. It is disgusting. Secondly, when we follow western philosophy in sporting events this does happen. for examle kirsten too gave such statement only. But here sex in the contest of india doest not mean go to pros, if you have a family you can take them with you.

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Bowrie RK
hockey scandal
by Bowrie RK on Jul 23, 2010 09:11 PM

There can't be much smoke without fire. Moreover, it's not something new happening with our sportswomen in the field of sport. Ask table tennis fraternity. A man, who is no more (God bless his soul), who ruled TTFI for decades, was known for such acts with women players, who might have been his daughter's age. What was sad was the fact that a male player (ruler's favourite) too helped in such nefarious activities.But no one will testify, for the simple reason that a foreign jaunts were at stake. In the present hockey scandal, the so-called enquiry will only be eyewash. Nothing much will happen. Poor girls will continue to suffer at the hands of such male officials.

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