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Hockey: Violence mars TN-Chandigarh tie

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jodie sinclair
Will Adam be given an opportunity to explain the attack?
by jodie sinclair on Jul 20, 2010 01:20 PM

A proper enquiry needs to be carried out into the matter. Skipper Adam Sinclair needs to be given a chance to explain the course of events that led to the fight. It’s often easy to throw the blame on players without exactly knowing the truth in the matter. Just because Adam Sinclair is the captain it does not mean that the entire blame be cast upon him. The issue involved the entire team and it must be noted that every individual is responsible for his own actions. Also, more often there is a bias created when the South Indian teams play tournaments up north and their voices are unheard. Therefore, a proper enquiry needs to be conducted by the IHF officials to try to ascertain the underlying reasons for this attack and both parties need to be given opportunities to explain their side of the story. This is not a blame game and our main aim here should be to try to develop potential in the Game of Hockey and give equal opportunities to all players irrespective of where they come from.

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