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IHF, IWHF merge, election in October

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Arv Singh
Get rid of Stokes and Gills ...
by Arv Singh on Aug 12, 2010 09:19 PM  | Hide replies

Why can't we get rid of these politicians and beurocrats who are ruining Indian Hockey. 80 year old Vidya Stoke's only claim to fame is her politics with Congress party. And now Gill ...

Pargat Singh tried his best but the politicians like Vidya Stokes and Narinder Batra were able to purchase votes. How can an ex-player beat seasoned politicians in a voting game? Who is Narider Batra anyway? He represents Jammu & Kashmir who dont even have a national level team. He is killing Indian Hockey with his political antics and biased views.

Why cant we start with a clean slate and give the reigns to someone like Pargat Singh ... or Ashok Kumar ... or Dhanraj Pillai???

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santhosh kumar
Re: Get rid of Stokes and Gills ...
by santhosh kumar on Oct 07, 2010 11:03 PM
u r right. the national game, should bemanaged by professionals and exGREAT players,,,,,and not by politcians

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