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Now, Indian Tennis League

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neeraj subramaniyan
My opinion
by neeraj subramaniyan on Apr 21, 2010 09:00 PM

This is hilarious. It is not going to work out. But at least something is being done to improve tennis in India which is my favorite sport. None of the top 100 playing the ATP tour will choose this, cause the ATP tour is really hectic and they will prefer rest between tournaments that are only 1/2 - 1 month apart. Moreover its not like cricket, which is a team sport. The idea of a league only works for team sport. Don't you think foreign countries would've already implemented this already if it was going to work out. I mean, common tennis is very famous amongst European and North American countries for numerous reasons. In my opinion if you want to improve tennis, the best thing to do will be to increase the no of domestic tennis tournaments(which are very few) and create an atmosphere for tennis by getting sponsorship and media coverage. We need to produce one good player who hits top 10 and tennis will pick up all by itself.

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