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Spotted: Leander Paes at the US Open

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giri VenkataVenugopalan
It is ok pal , u ve contributed a lot ...lot....lot to the davis
by giri VenkataVenugopalan on Sep 16, 2009 03:17 PM

Hey come on Paes , take care of your body , do not exert too much man, u have done u r part , and what ever india gets from u , hence forth is a bonus....!

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Sam zachariah
by Sam zachariah on Sep 14, 2009 03:53 AM

Congratulations on winning the US Open.Great work defeating the Bryan brothers.

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A great player
by Guest on Sep 14, 2009 03:51 AM

Paes is a source of inspiration, he has brought tennis into focus in India. I love to watch his matches.

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bhaskar vats
Make India Pround
by bhaskar vats on Sep 08, 2009 04:27 AM

Great Guy... he has made India pround by winning so many grand slam tittles. he and Mahesh Bhupathi are the ones to make tennis famous in india. Keep going guys...

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Viv Richards
question for krishna
by Viv Richards on Sep 07, 2009 08:59 PM  | Hide replies

why would anyone want to take a pic with paes? i saw him at heathrow and no one gave a toss and no one knew him. he was going around looking for someone to recognise him. rather pathetic!

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sudhir dhar
Re: question for krishna
by sudhir dhar on Sep 14, 2009 03:03 AM
Lo w cl ass as sses like you would leave Paes alone, and thats is so fortunate. He is a national hero, an asset.
All glories to Paes, and vivrichard nig ggar, f u ..

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Viv Richards
paes is useless
by Viv Richards on Sep 07, 2009 08:57 PM  | Hide replies

paes has benefitted from the total lack of talent in indian tennis. if he was a russian or american, no one would know his name.

he plays against 18 yr old girls and shows his strength in mixed doubles. let him show his stuff in singles against the likes of federer, nadal, del potro, murray and tsonga.

again, how many singles grand slams has this joker won?

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sudhir dhar
Re: paes is useless
by sudhir dhar on Sep 14, 2009 03:04 AM
What do you dude, apart from being unemployed and being a complete lo ser?

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anand soman
great picture krishna
by anand soman on Sep 07, 2009 06:11 PM

The kids seem to be having fun

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