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Foreign coaches are must: Zafar

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A foreign coach must
by pkb on Sep 03, 2004 11:12 AM

I agree with iqbal, a foreign coach will be better as he can be insulated from the politics of favouritism. I also agree that we lost because of poor play from the player. otherwise how can u explain that most of the player were not able to trap the ball probably with regular consistence forget about wrong passes. If a player playing in prestiges tournament is unable to trap a ball coming directly to him what u can say.
THe coordination was so supper that u can make out which player will not pass the ball to which player most of the time. A foreign coach irrespective of skin colour will definately bring change and hopefully apositive change. anyway its human tendency to listen outsider and ignore insider. let see what level the IHF will take the hockeyin India

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subramanian padmanaban
indian hockey at its worse
by subramanian padmanaban on Aug 28, 2004 02:35 AM

the reference by zafar iqbal against the players is ridiculous, especially his comments on hals-fit players like Dhanraj. He has no locus standi to offer any such shabby comments, as we hav seen him muffing a penalty stroke(as captain at that time for the national team) in the Asiad'82 held in delh when we were beaten comprehensively,7 - 1, by Pakistan. He was off color that day and got the heavy thrashing. So, for some players, one day may be best and not always as some days may prove to be disastrous. This is more so worldwide, in every team.He should place before his countrymen how many big matches he has won as a captain and contributed in a big way to Indian hockey. How many golds he has won during his tenure as captain? Because he had diehard players like Mohd Shahid, Pargat, Merwyn,Somappa, Azeez in his team who did their best to the nation. Let him honesty admit how many goals he had got in the intnl matches against mighty european teams. So when his story is so, he should stop criticising the present team. Unfortunately, our team had encountered some biased umpiring decisions which went against them. It is also true that some key players didnot click at the right time. Bu

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Gurpreet Singh
Pathetic condition of Hockey..Who's Responsible? Gill
by Gurpreet Singh on Aug 28, 2004 01:33 AM

Continue from last message.............
The biggest problem with Indian Hockey players is they are mentally weak. They cant win major tournament unless they are mentally strong. Its in their mind that they cannot win over Germany or Netherlands. They are wrong. I'd say they need first and more psychological training than physical. SO IHF please also recruit one good psychologist (Forgenier) who can make them mentally strong. They've to believe in themselves otherwise no use of sending players in major leagues. Just wastage of money. Spent some money in this area. They are mentally weak and 50 % game has been won by mentally strong. Please recruit psychologists and kick out Gill and Rajinder.
Please recruit psychologist and kick out Gill and Rajinder.
Please recruit psychologist and kick out Gill and Rajinder.
Please recruit psychologist and kick out Gill and Rajinder.
fan of Indian Hockey
Gurpreet Singh kamboj

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Foreign coaches are a must: Zafar
by KiranB on Aug 28, 2004 12:34 AM

The Indian hockey team already has a foreigh hockey coach but what was the use? I am no expert, in fact I do not know anythin about hockey but watching the Indian team play their matches I could see that they just refused to pass the ball to each other but tried to take the ball all the way up to score themselves. I thought hockey was a team game. Here the Indian team was a bunch of individuals. We do not need foreigh coaches, we need foreign players.

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what indian sports need now/
by manikyam on Aug 27, 2004 09:18 PM

indian hockey like all other sports also needs to be freed from the draconian clutches of the bureaucrats and politicians completely and permanently. they had siphoned off >75% of the money meant for the development of sports in the country since independence and treated sportspersons like insects/cattle. Also the cricket fanaticism/madness must be driven out of the country once and for all as that is the biggest killer of the indian sports since independence.

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by Kaushik on Aug 27, 2004 07:22 PM

Rarely have i seen such idiocity. Yes, let us start by bringing someone from pakistan.
If these guys mean someone white, then it shows the basic inferiority complex of Indians. Are we better taing orders from whites? If they want someone asian but not indian, i really do not see the point.
How is a "foreign" coach better, please tell me.

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Guru Gulab Khatri
Golden advice in National Interest
by Guru Gulab Khatri on Aug 27, 2004 06:48 PM

To revive our Hockey, the best option will be to appoint John Wright as coach, Saurav Ganguly as Captain (non-playing like in Davis Cup tennis) and Jag mohan Dalmiya as IHF chief. See then the difference.

Our present day key people in Hockey are still living in 1960s and in the end complain of cricket stealing all the wealth in sports. But they do not see who deserves it today.

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