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Farewell to Fredericks the Great

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Uendjipa Kaveru
Our pride, Frankie
by Uendjipa Kaveru on Sep 10, 2004 06:37 PM

Our Pride....F.F.

Is he old? Is he worn-out? Are injuries permanent?

For all who believe Manchester was the city on 29-07-2002 Commonwealth were the games 8 dignified men were the competitors.

One and only one triumphed. Was it experience or determination? Was it confidence or humbleness? Was it good fortune or reward of dedication? Be any of them, but winning is a price for hard work.

Frank, you prove what you are! You never gave in to critics! You never lost hope! At last you reaped the final fruits. Beyond your reach were the Olympic Gold, yet in your will you entrusted your dreams.

A true ambassador of his God-given talent. A true ambassador of his potential. A true ambassador of his people. A true ambassador of his Country.

The Namibian sun shone in Manchester. Frank Fredericks shone in Manchester. Namibia was glorified in Manchester.

Go well Frank Fredericks.

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by ganeshanraju on Aug 27, 2004 06:59 PM

congrulations for a very illustrious career may u live ever happily with the sweet memories of u r races congrulations once again.

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