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Lifters glad to be rid of Sandhu

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Sordid drama
by prashant on Aug 26, 2004 05:18 AM

It is indeed very sorry to read about the drug abuse cases! Whatever be the merits or demerits of Mr Sandhu's side of the story, the ministry could have waited for his return and heard his part. And if he is already declared guilty, lets see what is the penalty for him.

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by jamie on Aug 25, 2004 11:25 PM

Sacking Sandhu is not going to stop atheletes resorting to performance enhace stimulats.Doping has been going on in world sports and India is no exception.What is surprising is the way weightlifters moaned after they were caught and are they so innocent that they cannot differenciate between medication and drugs.I don't know Sandhu and don't care if he is sacked but i do know that he terrorise and misused his position at his whims.
Doping is a issue everyone wants to avoid.Famous atheletes have resorted to excuses to avoid testing.Why did Maria Muttola loose in the 800 final?Why is that the world fastest women could not qualify for their pet evens!
Doping will always continue in world sports.

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