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Isinbayeva on top of the world

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N.Ananda Kumar
Isinbayeva on top of the world
by N.Ananda Kumar on Jul 06, 2005 12:57 PM

she is a sporting icon for Russia,being one of her fan,I expect more records from her.

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Prasad Nair
by Prasad Nair on Aug 25, 2004 07:49 PM

Iam not a sports freak... and have not been following the Athens Olympics closely. But.. I happened to be one of those lucky ones.. to sit up late (almost 3 Am odd)and watch Isinbayeva perform yesterday..! And believe me.. It was worth it. The way she came back from the threshold of bronze position.. to wind her Gold.. and further to set a new world record.. was breath taking. Though not very superstitous... i prayed hard when she was going for the Gold.. and for her world record breaking attempt! Thank god.. the prayers.. (mine and Gos knows how many more).. were answered.. no to miss.. her hardwork.. dedication and determination.. paid off well.

Great going.. and may you break more and more of your own records.

Prasad Nair.

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