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Pillay to retire after Games

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Pillay to retire
by Raj on Aug 26, 2004 09:09 AM

This is going to to good for Indian team.

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Ashank Harlalka (Nazira) Assam - 785685
Thank u Dhanraj for so much effort in Hockey.
by Ashank Harlalka (Nazira) Assam - 785685 on Aug 25, 2004 08:54 PM

Thank you Dhanraj for putting so much effort in playing hockey and lead us in games of hockey. Tour captaincy was also good in the feild of hockey. I have not seen any match of yours but in the telivision i have seen many matches of yours as a captain and as a player also. All the matches played in Olympics was seen by me and my family. I am a student but i like hockey very, very and very much.
Bi Bi
Your regards,

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Anup Nathani
no politics please!! This is sports
by Anup Nathani on Aug 24, 2004 11:58 PM

Until and unless politics is not going to be out of sports, Indian sports is going to face many demise destiny in future where the team performs badly, star players underperforming and ending their career in a bad note. Please, put politics and politicians out of sports and give sportsmen a chance to do something for Indian sports in all the sphere.

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thank you dhanraj
by Sandeep on Aug 24, 2004 10:18 PM

Dhanraj, for India's sake, please leave. the team will be much better off without losers like you and Baljit. You put your personal ego ahead of the team's. You think too great of yourself. So what if you have played 4 olympics? Its of no use when you cant demand respect from the team members. You have been one of the major contributors to our team's dismal performances in the recent past. We are disgusted to have had you as a liability to the team thus far. Please do something for the country atleast now by quitting!

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by Srinivas on Aug 24, 2004 08:15 PM  | Hide replies

Dhanraj, the player, is very successfull. But his success is marred by controversaries. The selection of coaches by indian selection commitee and india hockey federetion r worst thing that we have ever seen. They made dhanraj a scape goat for every thing. The senior most player in the india team is treted like any thing by commitee of KPS GILL, the coach and players of punjab origin and state. I think these are to be removed from the world itself as they are selfish to the core and always like to do what ever they want to their selfis needs rather to the county and team. I request the governament to remove these so called players and the police man at the helm. You that is the only thing from which India can survive further himiliation. Player like dhanraj r to be taken care with atmost interest. Take Dhanraj as coach that is the only thing now which saves india as his flicks and dribbling are the best in the world. People like sandeep have to be after optimum training just that hey are punjab they should not be used. These people donot how to direct or stop the ball.

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Sandeep SAwant
Dhanraj Pillay plans retirement
by Sandeep SAwant on Aug 24, 2004 04:31 PM

Its high time Dhanraj Pillay realised that he is no longer the key personality in the performance of Indian Hockey. His presence or absence has no bearing whatsoever on the Indian Hockey Teams performance.
Its just that there are not many senior guys in the team and thats how by default he has achieved the importance he enjoys today.

It would be better for Indian Hockey that he retires, atleast the new blood will not carry any old baggage whioch he carries.

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The coach shud go too
by BR on Aug 24, 2004 03:50 PM

Why just Dhanraj. This good for nothing coach shud go too. And it makes no sense to participate in the olympics as far as hockey and athletics go. India should send just tennis players, shooters for the games. Then we wont get "shok samachar" everyday. And the funds that we save could be given to the dopeys to train and win without drugs. Crores of rupees out of our pockets down the drain and one measly silver to show.
Leander and Mahesh were the other tigers and also Shobha. What a shame. We have dope but still no gold.

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