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TT doubles faces Olympics axe

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Abhijeet Samudra
Rotten politics
by Abhijeet Samudra on Aug 24, 2004 11:42 AM

Why is it bad if China wins all the medals? If the best players are from China, then they deserve to win the medals. If the best players had been from the US or other European countries, then it would not have been bad (eg gymnastics/swimming until recently), right?
This is politics at its most rotten. Who are they to decide whether an event is popular or not? There are > 1 billion people in China, and TT is a very popular game in many other Asian countries, so undoubtedly, if there is a fair poll many games which have minimal or no Asian presence would get voted out!!!
The IOC should keep away from this kind of politics which shames the movement. Let us include more events, rather than eliminating events (especially for reasons like one country dominates everything)

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Bragadeesh Srinivasan
Better yet, let's ban the darned Chinese...
by Bragadeesh Srinivasan on Aug 23, 2004 11:55 PM

The Chinese domination of TT is commendable rather than bothersome. Other nations should strive to duplicate the Chinese model. 11 out 12 golds in the last 3 Olympics? For several Olympics now, US and Australia have dominated the swimming and diving events which have more than 50 medals to offer in irritatingly similar events with deceptive nomenclatures - and they are not even that as interesting as track and field. Australia has won most of its 30-odd medals in swimming and diving events - which seem to be the last bastion of white domination in International sports.

Would the international federation ever think of reducing the number of medals in swimming to "promote" the sport. Would the Americans allow them to do that? No sir.

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Very easy way to say ur country men r not upto the mark
by Arvind on Aug 23, 2004 09:24 PM

Well if china r winning atleast 2 medals in every sport it only shows their sheer dominance in the game. all this has not come easy to them. its due to their sheer hard work, that they have been able to rech this level. to produce medal winning combination in a sport demands tremendous hard work both by the govt and the sportsmen themselves. to devoid the medal winning players of their medals only shows the short-sightedness of the IOC and will only play spoil-sport to sports in China. i hope a group of countries come together and form a strong lobby to prevent such STUPID rules from coming into effect.

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Any changes in swimming
by Srinath on Aug 23, 2004 09:10 PM

Are there any changes in swimming where US & Aus win tons of medals ?? ofcourse not because they are developed & white skinned countries..

Hope something is done for this.


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