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k.shravan kumar
disgraceful performance
by k.shravan kumar on Aug 24, 2004 12:18 AM

the hockey team has disgraced the nation.wrong team selection.players like baljeetsingh dillon,sandeepsingh etc.uneccessary dribling in the 25 yards instead of clearing the ball,players lacking minimum basic skills like traping, wrong positioning of the body especially gagan ajeet singh.going in the match with negative attitude,always thinking of defending instead of attacking.the most important point is to shed selfish attitutde.the day is not far when indian hockey team will be beaten by teams like maldives,nepal,mongolia,afghanistan and saudi arabia.
the hockey team is like dogs tail.it will never learn,change

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b manoj kumar
word of console
by b manoj kumar on Aug 23, 2004 11:42 AM

i doknow where welack in ur performance,inspite of more toughe practices. and i think ---a day will soon win with first rank.
lets make it best.

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Amit Jain
Indian Hockey in drain
by Amit Jain on Aug 22, 2004 10:08 PM

I am not a hockey player, but even I can find out what is wrong with the way we played in this games.
1) Trapping is pathetic. Even a club level hockey player can trap the balls in much better way.
2) Penalty corner conversion is as good as zero.
3) Individual play. We donot know that there are 11 other players in the team. FAR too much of dribbling. In the game against NZ Dhanraj was dribbling as if he wanted to tell everyone that he is the only best player in the world. Instead of passing to others he was dribbling unnecssarily.
4) Long Passes. Even we can see that the balls are not being trapped properly, then why do we have to continue with long passes. This really baffles me. Even the commentators of the match were baffled. We saw teams building up slowly with smal small passes and creatining openings where as we try to show our strength with out wayward passes.
5) No innovative play, most of the attacks were from one flank only. No midfield play, no ball control, no trapping.
6) Defence was ....what should we say about it, the less we say the better.
Only thing I would say is Had Hockey greats of old days seen this match they would have committed suicide with shame.

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