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Khorkina says ''''judges robbed me''''

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Khorkina really cheated
by anun on Aug 22, 2004 09:40 PM

I really feel that what Khorkina had said is really true. It was such a splendid performance by her on the floor and still she was marked lower than Patterson from the USA.
It was the same a day before when the korean athlete was robbed of the title in the mens event and coincidently the winner was again from USA and the performance that he did on the High Bars was nothing spoecial to be given 9.837 that too when he needed 9.825 to win the difference shows that the competition was rigged.The other evidence was that when the winner in the mens competition actually flattered on the vault he was still awarded a score of 9.12 but the chineese athlete when he made a slight mistake on the bars he was given a score of only 8.92 which shows the bias in the scoring towards USA.I really enjoy the type of competition in the olympics but i feel that the event should be made more fair for all the participants and i really respect these participants who prepare so hard for the events and then they are robbed of the title to favour some nations, I sometimes HOPE THAT INDIAN ATHLETES CAN LEARN FROM THESE PARTICIPANTS about the amount of preperations needed. hope the IOC looks into the into it.

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