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Govt to take tough action: Dutt

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by vishnu on Aug 22, 2004 07:37 PM

Ok Dutt ji, don't try to show off too much. What right does the government have to take action against the "positive" players? We have so many tainted ministers who bring more disgrace to India than these minor incidents.
If our players are not acheiving results in the internation arena, it's not their fault. They are giving their best (except Hockey ofcourse). That was the best preparation they could do before olympics. Arey yaar, I don't understand this concept of preparation. Sports are not like our graduate exams where we start studying a couple of weeks before examinations. Consistent performance accross many years is the only assurance for medals.
Compared to our Olympics team performance (again, I am not blaming the players for their poor performance), the disgrace brought by the "positive" players is absolutely negligible. So let's stop worrying about these petty issues and start planning for next olympics. Pick up the best players in the country and start training them (we can add more players if we find any better ones later). But please please please start "preparation" for next olympics right away.
Dear readers and rediff, please come up with ideas for team bulding.

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Doping in Olympics
by George on Aug 20, 2004 07:41 PM

The drug scandal has taken away the sheen from Indias performance so far. I was particularly disturbed in reading Sunil Dutts statement giving a blanket clearence to the coaches and others and placing the blame directly on the weight lifters heads. His comparison with an alcoholic who should be held responsible for his drinking habits and not to blame the bartender was totally wrong in these circumstances. These girls picked up from rural settings would not know the difference from an anabolic steroid and Vitamin B! The IOC came closest when they said they had warned the IOA about taking coaches from tainted countries. These Russians, Slovaks, Germans when kicked out of their countries coaching jobs due to dubious methods found ready takers from the IOA who gave them more than they were earning before to make medallists out of our lifters, wrestlers and other sports where doping works well.
Altogether leaves a bad taste.

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Tough Action on Dope offenders.
by Sam on Aug 20, 2004 03:34 PM  | Hide replies

The Sports Minister & the Govt. should take tough actions -- not on the athletes but on the IOA & WFI officials, because they are the real 'dope offenders'.
In India, the athletes have no say in anything concerning their training, participation in sports events etc. They are the slaves of coaches, IOA or other sports officials. Most of these officials are either (ex)Politicians or corrupt,pot-bellyed, never-played-a sport opportunists, who make millions by sucking the blood of the athletes. They make use of the athletes to drain Govt.funds, to travel free all over the world and to prosper their wards & family members. The coaches 'drug' the athletes to 'show' performance, the officials fudge the athletes' performance figures, so that they can recommend a team (1:2 Athletes:Officials) for international events while completely ignoring the athletes,their training& equipment. The very fact that politicians are vyeing to be sports officials speaks volumes about the corruption in IOA & WFI. The Govt.action, therefore should be on the officials, and the athletes should be given protection to testify against them. This is the only way to clean up Indian Sports.

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RE:Tough Action on Dope offenders.
by George on Aug 20, 2004 07:44 PM
Totally agree with you. I feel the sports ministry is waffling on the issue.

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Dope offenders?
by Prakash on Aug 20, 2004 03:14 PM  | Hide replies

Who are the dope offenders? Is it only the player? Is the coach included? Does officials of the Olympic association enter into picture? Will the film personalities who shared the Olympic fame when they were invited to carry the Olympic flame also share the blame? (a la valmiki's story). Is the Chairman of the Indian Olympic Association responsible? Will the Sports minister take the share of the blame?

I pity Pratimakumari. She was forced to take injections, and now she will have to hear about punishments....

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