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It''s conspiracy, says Pratima

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lata kishore
coach cover-up
by lata kishore on Aug 21, 2004 11:17 AM

what an explanation by the coach! had Pratima won the medal or put up a good show, would he have given credit to the foreign coach? Now, without any feeling for the ward who was from his country and under his coaching for so many years, he merely shruggs it off his shoulder by claiming to be only an assistant to the foreign coach. It was so nice to see the other country coaches being so encouraging to their wards even when they are failing

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by kc on Aug 21, 2004 01:35 AM

Hoe the hell can you say that. First of aI don't understand all the commotion abt tax payers money. Atleast they made an effort to go there.
If you are so concerned with the tax payer money then catch the dirty politicians. who sway crores of rupees.
I don't know if she is innocent or not, but to pass comments and mud sling her without knowing the truth is a bigger crime.
And as for other countries, a lot of people from a lot of countries have been caught of doping. Do you know the conditions our athletes train and work in. It's very easy to just pass comments and react to news articles. But try to know the facts first.

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Coach should be kicked out
by Priyanka on Aug 20, 2004 10:37 PM

I think the coach/coaches of the weighlifting team should be kicked out immediately. It doesn't matter that whether Pratima Kumari took the drugs secretly on her own or not, what matters is that the coach is responsible for making sure that the athletes adhere to the standards/rules set by the olympic committee and in this particular case the coach has failed completely.
After throwing these "namesake" coach/coaches out, the sports authority should try to dig deep into this matter and find out if Pratima's claims are true or not. If she's found guilty she should be barred from any future competitions and if she is innocent as she claims to be she should be helped to gain her confidence and redeem her honour.
Once again, the coach or the coaches should be kicked out immediately, without even conducting any enquiry.This should be used as a lesson for all those coaches who have no idea about the responsibilities of a coach.

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Kirit Raja
She might be right
by Kirit Raja on Aug 20, 2004 10:16 PM

Yesterday I saw her interview on Zee TV. She was interviewed for more than 15 minutes, in which she explained her problems with the coaches long before the Olympics started. I could see pain in her eyes each moment. I was very mad at her before watching her interview. But that interview completely changed my views about this issue. Now I think she might be right. The problems she experienced from her coaches are very common in India, because in India coaches don't consider them self accountable to anybody. They don't care about players' performance. The only thing matters to them is their personal relations with the players. They have all powers to ruin career of any player. We have recent examples of India Hocky team. The only person we can trust at this moment is Mr. Sunil Dutt. I strongly believe that he should set up and inquiry and punish the culprits. They must be banned from any activities related to sports for life time.

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Difference in Opinions
by Ritesh on Aug 20, 2004 06:38 PM

After reading the column and the responses, it feels like some people are very indifferent about whether India wins a medal or not. A good sportsperson has to toil very hard to participate in these top events and he gets all kinds of obstruction in doing so (e.g. Major Rathore). I think the mentality needs to be changed. The motivation of winning a medal is just not there. The country is still full of people who would trade the country's name for the sake of money, like maybe the coach Sandhu who seems to me quite a misfit.

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Nothing new yaar
by Jaideep on Aug 20, 2004 03:27 PM

Weren't we expecting all this before the team left for Athens. The silver medal in shooting is a bonus, otherwise the same old story 'Country of 1 billion and not a single Olympic medal'. I get a feeling Malleshwari also needs to be thoroughly questioned - whether it was a real back pain or fear of another positive dope test that made her drop the barbell. By being there and not participating, the 2 weightlifters have wasted taxpayers money. Over to you Mr Dutt.

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merishka williams
by merishka williams on Aug 20, 2004 01:54 PM

Mr Dutta _ the sports minister u did say that all are athletes are clear when they left for Athens. what have u to say to the present suitation. I'm sure u have no answer. And if u have one it could be blaming the others. U are an actor. Now, face the real life and give a different shape to our sports. pull up the people concerned.
Malleswari and Bahadur's role at the games is pathetic. They have used the hard earned money of we Indians. I'm sure u too have the same feeling.

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shut up
by Ravi on Aug 20, 2004 12:32 PM  | Hide replies

Shut up and accept the result and make amendments. Don't blame others and say it is conspiracy. You are a disgrace to my country.

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RE:shut up
by Abhishek on Aug 20, 2004 03:31 PM

Dear Mr Ravi,
you are behaving like you know everything about this controversy,you should see both faces of matter before shutting up someone.
when she had cleared doping test at india and then at belarus,I am sure that she must have not been such a fool to take drugs at game village.do you think so?
News is just a news,not a inevitable fact to react like this.I am also of your opinion if she has really commited this disgraceful act.

best wishes

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sympathise with her
by LATA KISHORE on Aug 20, 2004 11:58 AM

My full sympathies are with her. If she had to know the contents of each and every medicine she is given, she would have been a pharmacist/doctor. What for are the team coaches and medics? As long as there is no attachment towards their wards and love for the country/game and accountability on the part of the coaches and administrators, sportspersons will be the scapegoats and victims. With the politicians backing, these real culprits of the Indian sports fraternity will go scotfree, leaving uneraseable scars and blots on the sportspersons and the sports themselves. I see no end to it. God give the strength to these unsuspecting and hapless victims.

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