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India''s strategy was flawed

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India's defeat from australia is a true case of biasedness
by Yakshap on Aug 21, 2004 12:01 AM

it's really pathetic to say that in this globalised world and in the colourful event of olympics still racism and biasedness is there against black people .
umpire of the match between india and australia has proved this thing and its really shameful on his part that even commentators were criticising him for his biased decisions against Indian team.
These biased decisions simply breaked the rhythm of the Indian team which leds to its defeat in the last minute.
As legally its not allowed to keep on moving with the ball if a whistle is blown by the umpire but the australians were simply defying this rule and were letoff by the umpire several times in the match but by mistake when dhanraj pillay did this then instead of showing him green card he was shown yellow card.
Secondly everytime harpal singh and otherdefenders tried to scoop the ball these scoops were declared dangerous by the umpire irrespective of the fact where the ball landed there was no aussie player but it was declared dangerous and the possesion of the ball were given to the aussies.

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Mahender Bongu
Bhaskaran....this time u might be wrong.........
by Mahender Bongu on Aug 20, 2004 08:35 PM

If we were on the defensive in the last couple of minutes and the opposition would have scored, u would have written in your article that being defensive lead to the Aussie goal. No matter what we have to try for a win and that is what our guys have done. I prefer gooing down playing attacking hockey rather than defensive hockey. Also it might be more easy to blame players when as a coach you should have put across a strategy for the previous olympics, where we had a last minute polish goal.

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