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China media under fire for hype

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24 7 buddhu-isms
by sports365 on Aug 19, 2004 05:31 PM

for the past 20 years since the first win at Lords every world cup is commemorated with ads to bring it back.Havin the world's best batsman and many others from the top ten has not helped India reach the pinnacle. And of course the media goes overboard every 4 years.And with the proliferation of 24 7 channels and all the english speakin tweens carrying mikes and a bag of silly questions sportspersons have to bear the brunt.
it's better the players are left alone before big events and wait for the outcome, to shoot questions instead of hounding them 24 7 and passing idiotic comments like "looked visibly tense" etc.One thing the media better get it right is "doing anything is not as easy is reporting,passing snide remarks,moronic headlines "Forget Anjali ...." and of course expert comments and buddhu-isms.

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