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parshuram gautampurkar
Shreeekant Sambani Oppenheimer
by parshuram gautampurkar on Aug 05, 2023 01:02 PM

One May agree to / with what that has been narrated / mentioned in above article. In India ,however, a substantial number of people, may be in thousands and even in lacs too is grievously unhappy on account of one scene that has been exhibited which displays-the hero of the movie with heroine of the movie in compromising state but a HOLY BOOK-" GITA " in the hands of one of them. I am not sure in whose hands, it has been shown being hold in. This is most objectionable scene and should not have been shown not only in India but nowhere in the world. Still this is yet not late. The scene in particular needs to be removed from the film, not to be exhibited anywhere.

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