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Krishna Kishor
Some inspiration but yes, it's innocense personified!
by Krishna Kishor on May 24, 2021 06:47 PM

Seems to have drawn good inspiration from the movie/documentary "Malegaon ki Superman", especially a few sequences, backdrops, etc. but still makes it a good, clean film. Like the one in Malegaon movie says "the title is same but story is different, concept is different, then how can it be a copy?". That is apt for "Cinema Bandi" too.
THe characters are awesome. The actors showed their mettle. Direction and editing keeps you glued to the movie throughout.
Excellent execution. Looking forward to such innovative/creative movies.

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chandra sekar
cinema bandi review
by chandra sekar on May 19, 2021 08:53 AM

pure innocent entertainment. outstanding movie.....much better than so called bollywood block busters

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