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by on Sep 05, 2021 12:59 PM

Bollywood film makers are hypocrites. In the name of creativity and freedom they are promoting nudity and western culture.
In 90% of the movies, the majority community is shown in bad light and the so called minority community (so called because their population is more than the population of several countries which follow that religion but in India they are still minority and enjoy all the benefits).
Can these hypocrites make movies in Iran bashing their majority community? No, but they will make majority bashing movies in India and still cry that they are not given any freedom in a democratic country.
Films are the reason that several people from minority community and even the leftists, communist, pseudo seculars and the so called librals are celebrating victory of taliban.
Great power comes with great responsibility. These hypocrite film makers only wants money and fame and do not want to take any responsibility to maintain peace and order in the country, to respect the feelings of majority community, to save the millenniums old culture and traditions of India.
What the BJP government is doing is good, after a long time i.e. after over 1000 years, the majority community is getting its due place in its country and no longer treated as second class citizens. The communists, leftists, pseudo seculars and the minority communities are unable to digest the fact that the majority community is getting their freedom and mojo back.

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Cinema and Creativity
by MRK on Aug 27, 2021 12:08 PM

By the way what type of movies you people make...? Only to highlight the revolutionary, ill ideological mess which doesn't have any relevance in todays society. In the name of democracy we abuse and misuse. Do you people make films which encourage society in general and youth in particular, towards scientific innovation, sports etc. You always focus on how to flare up the rudimentaries in people by filming a boy meet girl(and that too the protogonist will be from a sensitive community) or rebellion, revolution which do not have any place in the world as we stand today. Have you ever made a film about a rape victim's agony and anguish...No you never make. and You talked about Iran... I challenge you, can you make a film like PK in that country... Don't try to distort the ground realities by picking a isolated point which favors your selfish interests. You say ours is largest democracy...does it relieve you from the responsibility of fostering patriotism and accountabity towards your country. No you people don't do that. Watch the films made in the early 1960's and 70's. Country was of parmount imp at that time. Now for you people Box Office Hits and Page 3 publicities are the new order. Hypocrites...

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