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rakesh zariwala
Trollers must be disappointed by Sonu's act
by rakesh zariwala on Sep 25, 2020 03:54 PM

People who are trolling Sonu Sood, are those, who have been disappointed by Sonu's act, either they have not been given weight or must be asking something ( Big ones). Sonu's act has put him to top Bracket, who are genuinely wish to help; not asking for any kind of credit. Whatever, he did: out of his own conscious, not for the sake of name & fame. There are so many other big stars (so-called, Khans, Bhatts, Kapoors, Bachchans etc. etc.). Their conscious did not wake up to give something to someone, who is needy, they are into grabbing. Hat off to Sonu Sood. May You live long. Khans must be furious to see.

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