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vijaya kamarthi
Scam 1992
by vijaya kamarthi on Oct 22, 2020 11:30 AM

This 10 episode series is absolute classic. People who have grown with this scam from 90s will enjoy the most. The entire star cast of the series deserve a big applaud. Pratik Gandhi in the role of Harshad Mehta simply got under the skin of the role. So are Anant Mahadevan, lady who played Sucheta Dalal, Debashis so on. UN MISSABLE.

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Scam 1992 Review
by krishnamoorthy on Oct 22, 2020 11:14 AM

Yes, I have seen the Web Series and agree with your review. It is a must watch for everyone to know an epic part of Indian financial system. The series is mind blowing , thanks to Pratik Gandhi .

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