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rakesh zariwala
Sushant"s Suicide
by rakesh zariwala on Aug 01, 2020 03:58 PM

Late Sushant's flatmate Siddharth Pithani knows pretty well that even, if he tells a lie, Sushant will never be there to counter his wordings. May be possible that he too might have been involved in the crime. Why he is pro Rhea Chakravorty? Mr K.K. Singh lost his son, he has all the rights in the world to know the facts/conspiracy about his son's death. Who is responsible for his untimely death. No body else would feel the pain like Sushant's father and his family members. Not even, his so-called girl friend Rhea or anybody else. What is the problem, if the case is investigated by CBI? Why these people are afraid of this investigation? The case must be investigated by CBI only; to come out with the facts/reality of this tragedy. If they are not guilty, then they should not have any objection.

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