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Yuvraj Bari
क्या कोई मर
by Yuvraj Bari on Mar 29, 2021 07:24 PM

Dear writer,
Now a days you might have been knowing before #Metoo movement, the Brides and her relatives were misusing Laws made for Women safety to extort money from Groom & his family members(I can share Various High courts and Supreme court statements regarding it). After #Me Too, women at work places started blackmailing male bosses for promotion. Even Chief Justice of India has been Victim of it during that period.
I want to ask you how much it is right to sue a Men and his relatives in false cases like Rapes,Assault,Dowry and Domestic violence by Women?

As per a national agency data,though cases for no of Crimes against women registered increasing, but maximum accused were found not guilty at end(Sadly ,no one look those figures) Sometime the Mens even had ended their life's due to such Women's.

In the name of Women Empowerment Mens are suffering too much.

Is it Ethical?or Humanitarian?

"आखीर हम भी इंसान हैं" और इसीलिए "मर्द को भी दर्द होता हैं"

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