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Jayaprakash Balan
Loss for Bollywood and its audience
by Jayaprakash Balan on Sep 25, 2019 12:48 PM

Though both of your films are flop, don't worry Dulquer, you were good as well both movies different. I don't say that these movies were well made, but somewhere its the biasness of Bollywood audience that both the movies were not promoted and panned badly. Anyway, you need good directors who makes different films where acting is required like Sriram Raghavan or say R Balki or so many others who makes sensitive and good cinemas. But being from South, they would not cast you in that. As it is, you are not on losing front as in Kerala you have done such fantastic movies which even the superstars of Bollywood can never imagine of. And please do not spoil the beauty of all Malayalam movies and insult their makers by thinking of remaking any Malayalam movies because those movies are made for real cinema loving audience who understands things, while in Bollywood, audience doesn't have sensibilities to accept and appreciate different stories unless and until it is done by their known or star actors. Whether Bollywood entertains you or not, keep doing good movies in Malayalam so that even global audience can see great movies. As it is now the monopoly of Bollywood movies on Global audience is lost and people all over have started appreciated regional Indian cinemas also even if they are not well versed with the languages. Subtitles serve the purpose for a cinema lover to appreciate good story and well made movies. So, do not try to be desperate to make a place in Bollywood.

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