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surojit  bose
Bigg Boss 12: 'Most of the commoners are fake'
by surojit bose on Nov 20, 2018 09:54 AM

3rd Grade Serial. I am surprised as why it is being discussed here.

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Kanu Mukerji
Salman is biased
by Kanu Mukerji on Nov 19, 2018 07:46 PM

I have been watching almost every season of Bigg Boss. In every season, Salman has 'favourites' and 'targets'. His likes/dislikes are visibly increasing. This season Sreeshant is one of his favourites and Karanveer is one of his targets. Sreeshant behaved terribly bad. He refused Bigg Boss' instructions several times. He abused others. Yet, Salman supports him. Salman patronises Surbhi whose behaviour has been extremely bad. I think Salman needs to be replaced in the next season by an impartial host. See Amitabh as a host. He is so impartial, so decent.

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