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10 Hindi Movies That Define India

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Mulk - The messages
by ARVIND DESAI on Aug 18, 2018 12:45 PM

While mildly advising Ali Mohammad and family to keep a better watch on their youngsters, there is another message that this film sends out subtly. That message can be summed up as - a. Lower middle class Hindu families like that of Chowbeyji (the paanwalla) are easy objects of ridicule for their non-adherence to their much professed vegetarianism, b. They do not even have a right to fear for their safety even when a youngster from their Muslim neighborhood has been caught in a serious crime like bomb-blast. They should be despised for not continuing to assume that the rest of the family is very 'pak-saaf', c. Even after their doubts have been proved wrong if they offer to forget the past and come revive the past friendship they should be insultingly spurned away, d. Their only role in the society is to ever remain innocent and oblivious to threats so that the job of the likes of Ali Mohammad's nephew become ever easier

Shame on RishiKapoor (and Kapoor family indeed) who had to run away from Peshawar and come to Mumbai just because they were 'Raj', 'Prithvi Raj' etc. and yet they do not want to wake up and work towards creating a situation where such a disaster will not happen again!!!

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sudhir anjana
New Wedding Date fixed for Ranvir Deepika
by sudhir anjana on Aug 16, 2018 05:14 PM

New Wedding Date fixed for Ranvir Deepika

29th Feb. 2020

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