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What Prasoon Joshi plans to do as Censor chief

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amar dutta
The role of a censor board
by amar dutta on Sep 02, 2017 12:35 PM

The very existence of a censor board is a retrogressive step in a democracy. What makes the censor board think they know better than us on what we should watch? Can’t we decide that ourselves? As far as films go, I would trust the judgment of a Bergman, Bresson, Godard, Hitchcock, Ray, Fellini or a Kurosawa more than our Nihalinis and Joshis and would only watch the way these directors intended their films to be watched.

Film rating is different from censorship. We should provide ratings so that violence, nudity, drugs are kept out of reach of children. But don’t prescribe what people should watch.

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