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Sunil Bhandari
by Sunil Bhandari on Oct 22, 2017 05:49 AM

For a 15 year old to carry a movie on her shoulders with such elan, confidence and performance-superb,
Mother was the surprise package-absolutely stunning performance,
chemistry between mother-daughter- mindblowing, casting-perfect,
Aamir Khan -in spite of being a superstar and producer-restraining himself to a very small role- perfect,
ending-typical Hindi movie type.
But all in an absolute must see for the mother-daughter performance

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Mona Vora
Superb Zaria
by Mona Vora on Oct 20, 2017 11:39 PM

Secret Superstar: The movie truly gives you a superstar in Zaria Wasim. She is fabulous- an actor in the true sense. While she impressed one and all as Geeta Jr. in Dangal, with this one you can see the superstar. She is very well supported by Meher Vij. A very inspiring movie. A very touching and emotional drama. A brilliantly shown Daughter and Mother chemistry. Hats off to them. Advait Chandan deserves an applause for the writing and direction. Aamir deserves special mention as a producer who restrains the actor from taking the limelight. Not many people can do what he does. I rate SS: 9/10. The 2 extra marks are for Zaria and Meher.

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chakravarthy v
new film
by chakravarthy v on Oct 20, 2017 09:01 AM

Dont compare. Each actor has their own strengths and weaknesses in acting skills.

The film to be just enjoyed and what matters is, when you come out of the movie whether you feel good or sad and nothing else matters.

Whether it is block buster, highest grosser etc is some body else business to bother. It is purely marketing gimmick which we need not waste our time. They try their best to send us to theatres. Once we are convinced of the film being value for money then only go else avoid.

Becoming a fan of a particular actor will restrict you from enjoying different flavours. Be free and be unconditional in selecting the films. This encourages talent you know...

Relax boys and just enjoy movie as a movie.

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Is India tolerant enough for you now MR Khan
by blindsense on Oct 19, 2017 11:57 AM  | Hide replies

Some ppl have remember others are just igonore...who care what he releases anymore

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Re: Is India tolerant enough for you now MR Khan
by anilsharma on Oct 19, 2017 01:26 PM
It is his wife told her not him.now what u say

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Re: Is India tolerant enough for you now MR Khan
by anilsharma on Oct 19, 2017 01:27 PM
But u go to c his movie hiding ur shameless face

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common man
by common man on Oct 18, 2017 04:05 PM

his haters will hate him and AK will score big on box office with every movie he make

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common man
by common man on Oct 18, 2017 04:04 PM  | Hide replies

Block Buster by aamir

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anil kumar
Re: another
by anil kumar on Oct 23, 2017 07:05 PM
wow I am expecting around 15000 crore business across world

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